Noè Wine & Champagne Bottle Stopper – Rose Gold


This Alessi Noé Wine & Champagne Bottle Stopper by Alessi will keep your wine and champagne fresh with its chic, easy to use design.

The name chosen for this series of items is an amusing reference to Noah (Noè in Italian), the first man to plant grapevines and make wine.

The Noé Wine & Champagne Bottle Stopper, designed by Giulio Lacchetti, is suitable for both wine and champagne bottles. It’s produced in polished steel and has a rubber inner section to close the cap with a pressure and expansion mechanism.

Easy to use, insert by pressing and turning clockwise to fit the neck of the bottle. The shape of the object is reminiscent of a classic cork, which hermetically seals champagne bottles and their contents.

Made from 18/10 stainless steel with a rose gold finish, it’s simple yet practical and makes a wonderful gift idea for any occasion.

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Giulio Lacchetti

Alessi • Italy

18/10 Stainless Steel

 2.36″ H x 2.15 Diameter

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