Acrylic Modern Rummy Tile Game Ebony Woodgrain Top by Luxe Dominoes

Luxe Rummy Tile Game


Premium modern design. Keep game night looking great with the Luxe Rummy Tile Game by Luxe Dominoes.

Made in Miami, this high-end Rummy Cube game made with the handmade acrylic holder, tiles, and trays set the new standard.

Keep this out on the game table, at the ready for your next fun time. Slide off the exotic wood series cover to reveal the tiles. All sets come with: four racks, 106 tiles, including two jokers. Enjoy!

The classic rummy tile game, also known as Rummy Cube or Rummy Q, has never looked so stylish.

Great gift for a family.

Available in the exotic Ebony woodgrain finish.

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Luxe Dominoes

Luxe Dominoes • United States


12.5″ L x 3.8” W x 2.5” H

Notes & Features:
• Modern Design Rummy Tile Game
• Handmade in United States
• Makes a Great Gift
• Ebony Woodgrain Lid

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