Iron Age Waldorf Rollerball Ink Pen WIth Palladium Finish

Iron Age Waldorf Rollerball Pen


The Recife Family has been in the exceptional pen business since 1930 in France, and have always held innovative and classic. Quality and straight-up – great pens!

The Waldorf Rollerball Pen from Recife pays tribute to the architectural world of New York City.

Classic skyscrapers, Bauhaus influences, and Art Deco rolled into one. Decorated with half rush columns, it reinterprets the classic neo style to dramatize its shape.

With its straight lines and muted color palette, Waldorf is the embodiment of discreet but essential luxury. The body and the cap are in metal guilloché half rush.

The Iron Age Waldorf Rollerball Pen is excellent as a congratulatory gift, graduation, accomplishments.

Available in dynamic Palladium or Onyx finish.


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Recife • France

Iron, Steel

5″ L X .25″ W x .25″ H

Notes & Features:
• Handmade in France
• Architectural Details
• Nice Weight
• Rollerball Writing Flow

Additional information
Pen Finish

Onyx, Palladium

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