Handcrafted Scented Candles


These modern and minimalistic premium Aydry candles are handcrafted in Los Angeles with a special blend of soy and coconut wax and natural oils.

Each candle’s various scent evokes the maker’s sophisticated organic and vegan vibe and burns clean and free of smoke.

A harmonious fusion of clean, simple, and modern offering a long-lasting burn and delightful experience of extraordinary scents.

Aydry & Co candles are prepared in a signature matte white hexagonal box resembling a honeycomb, which opens to release a scent of the enclosure’s original formula, inviting users to embark on a fresh experience to the modern luxury lifestyle.


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Ayu Carlton

Aydry & Co • United States

Soy Wax, Coconut Wax, Essential Oils, Tin

3.1″ Diameter X 3.5″ H

• Burn time up to 48 hours

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Aydry, Bohemian Forest, Champagne Brunch, Green Tea, Japanese Yuzu, Sandal Wood, Shooting Star, Vintage Rose, White Tea

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