Press Filter Coffee Maker


Long ago in Italy, finely savored espresso, coffee, was always a very big deal.

Nowadays we have so many ways to extract flavor from the beans, and this method is one of those Italian classic methods.

Designed by famous architect Aldo Rossi for Alessi, the polished stainless steel Press Filter Coffee Maker literally becomes architecture in your kitchen.

The benchmark for preparing filter coffee, up to three cups.

With this method, boiling water is poured directly onto the coffee, finely or coarsely ground, and a filter is used to strain out the coffee grounds.

With its characteristics, this is excellent for making teas and infusions as well.

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Aldo Rossi

Alessi • Italy

Stainless Steel, Glass

8.66” L x 3.85” W x 3.85” H

Notes & Features:
• Designed by Aldo Rossi
• Made in Italy
• 3 Cup Press Pot
• See the Coffee Making Magic in Action

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