Palma Tea Pot


The exquisite Palma Teapot from Oigen was imagined and created by renowned British designer Jasper Morrison.

The Teapot is part of the Palma collection which is a collaboration between Japan Creative, a nonprofit design organization, and acclaimed British designer Jasper Morrison.

Oigen foundry is located in Iwate Japan, just north of the area affected by the 2011 tsunami, and has been producing Nambu ironware for over 900 years.

By casting in fine-grain sand the ironware, which is made of 75% recycled iron, has a renowned smooth and unblemished surface.

In the final stage of production, Oigen fires its ironware at high temperatures to decarbonize the surface and prepare it for treatment against corrosion. The foundry takes extra care at this point, seasoning each piece with oil that has been mixed with nontoxic bamboo ash to yield a lustrous finish. These distinguishing features of its manufacture not only make the ironware rust-resistant but also allow oils to permeate well into the cookware’s surface.

With the proper care, your Oigen ironware can last over 100 years for future generations. This teapot is paired perfectly with the Palma Teapot Stand, which is sold separately.


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Artist | Designer:
Jasper Morrison

Oigen • Japan

Cast Iron

Teapot: 59″ L X 2.5″ W x 2.5″ H
Stand: 5.5″ H x 2.5″ W x 9” D

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Tea Pot + Stand, Tea Pot Only, Stand Only

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