Carbon bi-colore whisky tumbler set of 4 from from famous and historic glass maker Sugahara of Japan.

Bi-Colore Carbon Whiskey Tumbler Set


Sometimes life is on the rocks, period.

These are the latest Whiskey Tumblers from the venerable Japanese Glass masters at Sugahara from Tokyo.

They are named Bi-Colore Whiskey Tumbler for the Italian reference of the merge of the two colors.

In this earthy mixture of carbon and tan, a flash of excitement is revealed in the glass.

Each piece is made by hand, in old artisan ways, contrasting with their modern energy and design.

There is always something special with the craftsmanship.

Perfect for a craft cocktail or just something special on-the-rocks, or even just your favorite pour of wine, these Bi-Colore Carbon Whiskey Tumblers will elevate the experience.

Sugahara has produced well-designed glassware of unsurpassed quality and beauty since 1932 in their Tokyo Manufactory.

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Sugahara • Japan

Lead Free Glass

3.25″ Height, 7 oz. Capacity

Notes & Features:
• Hand Crafted in Japan
• High Quality Production
• Individually Gift Boxed
• Sold as Set of Four

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