“Choco” Cuckoo Clock


Choco cuckoo is a family of clocks designed by Giorgio Scorza Priano, and characterized by a blocky shape inspired by chocolates.

The inspiration for the colors is in fact taken from some delicious flavors such as pistachio and cremino, with three different tones for each clock color version.

The shape is simple but refined in every detail, with an obvious interplay between full and empty spaces, projecting parts and cubic elements. Both the hands and the moving pendulum are reminiscent of the form and colors of the central body.

Produced with materials that respect the environment the Choco Cuckoo Clock is finished with non-toxic paints. The German battery-powered cuckoo movement features a light sensor that automatically keeps the little birdie silent when it is dark in the room. There is also a control panel that allows you to adjust the intensity of the sound or switch it off altogether.

Progetti is an Italian design company, that produces contemporary cuckoo clocks and wall clocks designed by a range of internationally-known designers. Each piece is developed using the latest technology and then finished by hand for that lasting, artistic touch.

All Progetti cuckoo clocks are fitted with an Engstler™ clock & cuckoo mechanism which is custom built by the Engstler cuckoo clock manufacturer in the Black Forest region, Germany. Their craftsmanship ensures your cuckoo clock works as wonderfully as the world-famous traditional cuckoo clocks of the Black Forest region.

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Giorgio Scorza Priano Paolino

Progetti • Italy

Wood, Metals, Quartz Movement

20″ L X 14.17″ W X 5.5″ Depth

Operates with 2 “C” Batteries